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Recent Testimonials Google 5 stars

Recent Testimonials – Speaking

“Claire is a first class multi award winning leader in law. Known for her mentoring, leadership and strategic business mind I have enjoyed watching her enliven and entertain a full house in a keynote and facilitate thought provoking panels providing meaningful insights to learn and grow from. All topped off with a warm and generous spirit, she epitomises the Tim Tam analogy she uses to describe what clients want from their lawyers. If that makes no sense to you, you will be well served by engaging her to find out!”

Fay Calderone, Partner

“Claire is very charismatic and maintained the balance between conversational and professional.”

“Claire is amazing! The best Chair I have seen for a conference and fantastic panel leader. So very well done.”

“Clear, warm and presentable. Eloquent and able questioner. Energetic without being overwhelming. Very impressed.”

“Fabulous chair especially in panels – driving conversation, asking appropriate questions – excellent!”

Conference Attendees Feedback – recent testimonials

Recent Testimonials from seminar attendees

“Claire is an exceptional speaker and panellist who knows how to cut through to the key issues with candour, intelligence and wit. She recently sat on a panel for SmartWomen Connect discussing why and how to position yourself for a board role and the feedback from the audience on Claire’s input was excellent. As well as her legal, executive and non-executive director experience, Claire is an active and high profile advocate for professional women and a mentor to many. I’d highly recommend Claire as a speaker and cannot wait to work with her again, and again!”

Fiona Craig, Founder

“Claire is knowledgeable and personable. Excellent & insightful. Very engaging!”

Conference Attendees Feedback – recent testimonials

Recent Testimonials – Coaching & Mentoring

“Claire is an impressive operator, and her outstanding achievements are evident in the recognition she has received through various local and international industry awards. It is also evidenced by her participation in countless committees and initiatives for the betterment of both the community and the legal industry, particularly so from a female lens.”

Virginia Briggs, Partner

“Claire; extraordinary – professionally and personally.”

Phillip Hunter, Director

Recent Testimonials – Legal Services

“Claire brings a keen intellect, strong knowledge base, sound professional judgment, and wisdom of experience and sound relationships to her role on Marist 180 Board. Her commitment to a more just society is real and practical and she is compassionate, credible in her advocacy, and committed to long-term change for ‘at risk’ children and young people as demonstrated by her contribution to the Board”

John Cameron, Chairman of the Board

“Claire’s keynote included timely advice our members and friends could take back & implement immediately.  I look forward to working with her again in the near future. Please come & speak at the next North America or EMEA conference, Claire!”

Dr Silvia Hodges Silverstein, Executive Director

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