Claire is a nationally accredited mediator and qualified arbitrator, who helps parties  resolve disagreements

After having worked as a litigator for top-tier law firms, Claire has advocated for clients in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and High Court of Australia and has now focussed her sights on assisting parties to use alternative dispute resolution methods.

If you are looking for a skilled mediator to help you to resolve a dispute in a sensible and cost-effective manner, and often with a better end result than with going to court, feel free to contact Claire.

A qualified solicitor with over 25 years experience and success at the forefront of the corporate sector, with ASX, multinational and private enterprise, Claire is highly respected by her professional colleagues and clients for her expert advice spanning corporate, commercial, property, insurance, financial services, fund management, finance, intellectual property, industrial relations and general business law.

Mediator Panel – NSW Law Society

Claire is a member of the NSW Law Society Mediators Panel.

Mediator Testimonial: Claire is a seasoned professional who possesses a deep understanding of the law and commercial nous

Mediation is a process whereby a neutral third party helps people in conflict to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome.  The scope for solutions is usually greater than the remedies available in court and tribunals, or even in prolonged negotiation.

What are the advantages of Mediation?

Affordable – Mediation costs considerably less than going to court.
Efficient – The mediation process can usually settle a dispute quickly. Most mediations conclude or settle within 30 days from initiating the process.
Effective – Mediation statistically settles over 85% of initiated disputes.
Informal – The process of mediation is flexible and informal. It is not necessary to have a lawyer represent you during the mediation process. However, some individuals feel more comfortable with a lawyer – it’s completely up to you.
Empowering – Disputing parties are directly engaged in the negotiation of their settlement. Parties also enhance the likelihood of continuing their relationships by utilising mediation.
Confidential – Information disclosed during mediation may not be divulged as evidence in any trial or judicial proceeding.

Anyone can call themselves a mediator these days, however there are big differences between the level of experience and qualifications that a mediator can bring to the table.  Claire is accredited by the Resolution Institute and follows their rules, code of conduct and processes.  Claire is also insured through them for her professional services.

Mediator Testimonial: Claire is exemplary and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Her deep institutional knowledge and integration with all commercial levels of her organisation are complemented by her excepionally high standards, attention to details and one of the best legal minds I have come across.  It has been very rewarading to be able to work with Claire

Claire’s professional qualifications include:

ProfCertArb, University of Adelaide
PRIMed, Resolution Institute
GAICD, Australian Institute of Company Directors
FIML, Australian Institute of Management
Grad Dip Company Secretarial Practice, Chartered Secretaries Australia Ltd
LLB (Hons), Bond University
BCom (Finance), Bond University
FGIA & FCIS, past fellow Governance Institute of Australia

For a confidential free chat about mediation or arbitration services, please contact Claire here.

Member of the Law Society of New South Wales Mediator Resolution Institute Professional

Mediation Claire Bibby

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