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With your legal needs – whether you’re a small company or startup on a tight budget, an executive, an inhouse legal team, or a SME business looking for cost-effective solutions, contact Claire for top-notch legal services at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms and other lawyers.  Let us know what sort of legal help you’re after, and we can put together a fixed fee legal service package tailored your business requirements and be your go-to lawyer! 

With your coaching and mentoring goals – whether you’re craving clarity on what your dream career by design looks like, want to finally move that great business idea off the backburner and into reality, or want to get that next promotion but not sure what else you need to do (or perhaps you’re doing wrong), contact Claire to be your coach and mentor and show you how you CAN rewrite the rules!  

With your next speaking event or media needs – Claire is a top keynote speaker, who consistently receives rave reviews about her on-stage energy, warm authenticity and cutting-edge, relatable content and welcomes your contact at any time.  As a professional public speaker, she welcomes the chance to partner with individuals, organisations and teams to create high impact events, inspiring and empowering audiences to bring about real and sustainable change, both individually, professionally and at an organisational level.  Claire speaks and facilitates discussions about a range of topics from high performing teams, psychologically healthy workplaces, sponsorship and mentoring, dispute resolution, coaching, and supporting individuals with their leadership and financial goals.



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