“Claire is knowledgeable and personable. Excellent & insightful. Very engaging!”
— LegalWise attendees In-House Counsel Conference: Innovate or Perish

“Claire is exemplary and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her deep institutional knowledge and integration with all commercial levels of her organisation are complemented by her exceptionally high standards, attention to detail and one of the best legal minds I have come across. Claire quite rightly expects everyone she works with to pursue similarly high standards across a range of complex legal and non-legal fields, and it has been very rewarding to be able to work with Claire.”
— Partner & Head of Practice, International Law Firm

“Claire possesses a sharp intellect, a deep understanding of the market, as well as a rare grasp of what actually matters.”
— Partner, International Law Firm

“Claire is an impressive operator, and her outstanding achievements are evident in the recognition she has received through various local and international industry awards. It is also evidenced by her participation in countless committees and initiatives for the betterment of both the community and the legal industry, particularly so from a female lens.”
—  Partner, National Law Firm

“Claire; extraordinary – professionally and personally.”
— Director Legal In-House Asia Pacific, International Executive Consultancy Firm

“Claire brings a keen intellect, strong knowledge base, sound professional judgment, and wisdom of experience and sound relationships to her role on Marist 180 Board. Her commitment to a more just society is real and practical and she is compassionate, credible in her advocacy, and committed to long-term change for ‘at risk’ children and young people as demonstrated by her contribution to the Board over the last three years.”
— Chair, Marist180 board