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The Corporate Counsel Show: An increasing focus on vocational purposeJerome Doraisamy of Lawyers Weekly interviews Claire Bibby about why lawyers are increasingly concerned with being able to live out their values and have a meaningful career 

Managing the Sunday scaries Angela Tufvesson of the NSW Law Society Journal interviews Claire Bibby and psychologist Dr Jo Lukins on managing the Sunday blues, and offer some alternative ways of being


Ensuring purpose as a practitioner – Jerome Doraisamy of Lawyers Weekly interviews Claire Bibby and a number of other executive coaches about vocational check-ins

The Mentor Institute event - Mentoring & Coaching presentation

Creating A Community – in a blog by The Mentor Institute, Val Pitt recalls the 2020 International Women’s Day Event where “Claire Bibby shared her own personal journey with us and what an inspirational, passionate speaker! She had us riveted as she worked the room talking about women kind, how to overcome challenges in the workplace and the importance of authenticity ….”

Mentoring and Coaching women Laughter is the Sixth Sense – “You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” In this blog published by We Motivate People Magazine, Claire discusses the power of laughter and how it can be used in the coaching context …

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Providing Critical Feedback to Your Mentoring Partner  In all honesty, none of us really enjoy receiving critical feedback. It’s difficult to be objective and not become defensive. How do you provide critical feedback to your mentoring partner?  In this article on coaching and mentoring this important topic is explored …

Coaching a childHow To Grow Your Career with Mentoring This video covers how mentoring enhances your career development – specifically for in-house counsel/corporate lawyers.  It reflects the views of a number of Australia’s leading lawyers, including Anna Bagley, Jon Downes, Ruby Anandajayasekeram, Mark Abourik, Rachel Colla, Margarita Varigos,  Claire Bibby and Justin Coss  ..

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How To Set Goals & Help Someone Find Direction There are times your mentee may seem to lose direction or come to a session without a specific goal in mind.  How do you help your mentee when they are not sure what they need?  Claire Bibby is one of a number of leading Australian lawyers who, in conversations with the Association of Corporate Counsel express their thoughts on gaining knowledge, confidence, career development, networking and guidance  …

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