Frequently Asked Coaching Questions (FAQs)

FAQs: How much does professional coaching cost?

My coaching prices vary depending on the number of sessions purchased. I offer different 1 on 1 packages, the most popular of which is circa A$450 a session (incl GST) for a private online week-day session. After hours and weekend sessions are also occasionally available. Please contact me for further details.

Some forms of coaching are tax-deductible. Please speak to your accountant to find out more in this regard.

You can also access online programs, via Coaching Advocates, on a subscription basis, starting at around A$995 (incl GST). Please visit the Coaching Advocates‘ website for the most current pricing.

FAQ: Do you only coach lawyers?

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organisations think differently and do better. Whilst I specialise in coaching lawyers, I have a deep wealth of experience and have used my coaching skills and experience to assist executives from many other professions, including medical doctors, accountants, engineers, vets, physiotherapists, architects and auditors.

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FAQ: What are the benefits of coaching?

Pretty much everyone struggles to maintain balance, manage their stress and gain control over their emotions and behaviour under pressure. Imagine being able to achieve success on your terms, to become more focused and more productive in your career and in your personal life, to gain the confidence to take your career to the next level and to truly invest in yourself. Whether you are seeking progress in a particular area of your life such as a promotion, more positive feedback, building your client base, or seeking to gain more balance across all aspects of your life, coaching can provide the guidance and support you need to bring about that desired change.

FAQ: What if I’m not sure if coaching is right for me?

Hiring the right coach is a really important decision. My clients are the lifeblood of my business so if you’d like to speak to one of my clients and independently find out what coaching with me is like, I can connect you with someone so you can have a confidential chat about what coaching with me is like.

FAQ: Who have you coached?

I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of people. Below is a snap shot of where some of them are from:

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